Wireless Access Control

Wireless Access Control

iCAM Wireless Access Control is a solution aimed at providing branded public Hotspot access to your users or guests. Whatever the environment, this product is ideal for enhancing the service you provide and encouraging people to use their own wireless devices to get onto the internet.

iCAM Wireless Access Control can be supplied as an out of the box solution completely independent of existing systems utilising separate broadband connectivity to the internet, or as a customised solution integrating with existing wireless systems and network infrastructures.

Regardless of the level of integration, it provides secure wireless access to the internet for your users and guests. The customisable interface allows easy access for users and requires no staff intervention. iCAM Wireless Access Control is configurable to provide appropriate usage control and generates detailed management information.


Suitable Environments

iCAM Wireless Access Control is well suited to a range of environments. Please use the options below to select the market sector that best describes your organisation.