Workstation Control for Education

Workstation Control

iCAM Workstation Control is a PC booking and access control system ideally suited to student environments wishing to provide managed access to student computers in resource centres and drop in environments.

Often in these environments, students are able to log into a PC with no time limit on usage, making it difficult for other students to gain access to a computer. iCAM Workstation Control helps student environments employ a fair usage policy whilst also integrating with existing Windows, Netware or RM infrastructures.

iCAM can either be configured to provide staff with full control over access to your PCs or, as is usually the case in education environments, autonomously control PC access with no staff involvement required whatsoever.

A customisable web interface allows staff to manage bookings from any terminal whilst also allowing students to make their own advanced booking from home or during their current computer session.


Key Features

  • User validation using LDAP or ODBC link to existing enrolment/student database. 
  • Integration with existing network accounts for login authentication.
  • Web interface for advanced bookings.
  • Configurable open hours for different types of user and times of the year.
  • Customisable login box which clearly displays how long a PC is available for.
  • Manage and book multiple computers for groups and structured events.
  • Option for students to be able to lock the PC mid-session.
  • Configure PC usage limits per day and week.
  • Send messages and notifications to students.
  • Customisable screensaver to promote college events and services.
  • Configurable messages reminding students to take a break.
  • Automated failover functionality ensures sites remain active even when server or network goes down.
  • Detailed auditing and management information.
  • Compatible with Windows, Netware and RM environments.


  • Usage restrictions ensure a fair use policy.
  • Self service functionality allows iCAM to fully manage public access with no staff intervention.
  • Login boxes clearly show how long PC is available for or if the PC is booked for a tutored lesson.