If you would like an up-to-date customer list or details of iCAM customer in your area then please make a request using the online form. In the meantime here are some comments and feedback from some of our existing customers:

East Lothian

Insight Media’s solution has enabled us to completely restructure our People’s Network, saving approximately £30,000 a year whilst expanding the service to include the Wi-Fi hotspots. Insight Media have been an excellent partner to work with, consistently meeting the challenging targets set on this project whilst maintaining a customer friendly focus which has ensured minimal disruption to the libraries and the public.”

Alan Cruickshank
IT Services Manager
East Lothian Council


Across the whole of Cheshire early analyse is showing a great take up of the i-Kiosks with over 95,000 transactions being recorded to date and of these we can identify that this represents over 20,000 unique public users. 

"On a rare occasion we had to revert back to the old manual procedure for a short while, staff had forgotten how much work was involved in dealing with the PC bookings and payment for printing, the i-Kiosk really saves staff time and allows us to focus on better customer service.”

Lesley Speed
Cheshire’s Systems Librarian
Cheshire Libraries Shared Services


 “Insight Media’s hosted solution has removed the overhead for us of managing a dedicated server while at the same time meeting the demands of our corporate IT dept. We have been able to maintain the same level of application administration and control without having to worry about server hardware, patches and upgrades. The same hosted database is also used for our public Wi-Fi provision and management.”

Scott Simpson
Systems Manager
East Renfrewshire Council

Enfield Council

“With the growth of hand held and portable devices, offering Wi-Fi in libraries is vital to developing new user groups and ensuring libraries remain relevant in local communities. Insight Media are able to offer key requirements such as integration with the Library Management System, a range of statistical data and a flexible approach to set up and configuration. Insight Media also offer a proactive approach to technical support and system management that gives us a degree of confidence. Users and staff are very happy with speed and stability and we’re looking forward to the further roll out“

Madeline Barratt
Libraries & Museum Service Business Manager,
Enfield Council


"ICAM Workstation Control has improved our service no end over the past four years and the support given at all levels, is exemplary.  The amount of control that iCAM gives members of staff over the computers is excellent and some of the new features, such as self-booking and web-booking, when implemented, should make our employees lives even easier! The print management system has also helped us reduce the amount of paper wasted and gives us a chance to monitor how much usage our printers get. I am always able to get through to somebody every time about problems/issues that may occur and always receive a helpful response no matter who I speak to.  All in all, an excellent application backed up by excellent customer service."

David Hudson - Systems Officer

Oldham Central Library


"We've used iCAM at DerbyCity Libraries for over three years and it's a great operational help, very reliable and is excellent value for money.  It's cut down on disagreements with customers as they are much more inclined to believe the machine, when it tells them their time is up than a member of staff telling them.  The Print Manager product prevents the huge amounts of waste paper that we used to generate from uncontrolled printing."

Mark Baker - ICT Manager

Derby City Libraries


"I was impressed by the way that Insight Media managed the project and worked with us and with our corporate network team to enable the rollout of the service on time and on budget."

Andy Baker
Library Resources Manager.
Bedfordshire County Council


"Working with Insight, a known and trusted supplier, meant that this complex project could be completed within the very short timescale whilst making best use of the funding, and we all stayed sane too!"

Gil Vick
Principal Librarian
Falkirk Council


"Our relationship with Insight Media is excellent and the work we have undertaken in partnership has been both creative and highly fruitful."

Martyn Hutchings
Technical Network Manager,
Devon County Council


"When we first looked for software to provide us with a booking system for our PN terminals we found that not all companies were able to provide a solution that worked with Citrix and thin clients. ICAM were able to meet our requirements. Both staff and customers have been delighted with the system they have implemented for us - it has created order where previously there had been chaos!  The ICAM booking system is reliable, effective and very competitively priced. We have always found their staff to be helpful and proficient. We are satisfied with the company to the extent that we are looking forward to purchasing more software from them in the near future."

Alison England

Reading Borough Council


"The extra functionality of a tried and tested system which linked directly to our library management system seemed ideal. When we looked at Insight Media’s software we had no hesitation in ordering this complementary product."

Don Yuile
Principal Librarian, Development and Support.
Shropshire County Council


"The desktop now looks good and feels good and is more flexible than ever before. Until we had iCAM we always felt we were playing catch-up with the People’s Network but now we feel we have reached a steady-state with the project and can concentrate on helping customers with their information needs instead of spending all our time on the logistics of IT support. And since implementing iCAM, use of the library PCs has gone up nearly 23% so we are very pleased with the increased access and extra take-up."

Julie Tweedy,
Library Manager (ICT Development)
Middlesbrough Libraries