02/06/2010 - SmartGov Live 2010

SmartGov 2010

Insight Media is exhibiting at SmartGov live due to the increasing number of enquiries from Corporate IT departments. Local government departments are expected to deliver Internet services to a wide range of areas in line with Government Connect and we will therefore be focusing on how we can help Council IT departments deliver or enhance their public access Internet services.

Our iCAM Public Access Internet Solutions is a managed service, designed and developed to provide management and control of public computers and Internet access. With demand for more computers, increased Internet access facilities for the public, and access for employees that need mobile working facilities, especially in rural areas, the load on your network services will continually increase.

Extending existing networks to accommodate additional public or corporate computers and Internet access in remote locations can be costly. There are not only the telecommunications and connectivity costs to consider, there are additional hardware, software and centralised infrastructure costs as well.

Public Access Internet Solutions is an easy and cost effective way of extending your IT services whilst providing secure and managed access to the Internet. Our local government customers have made significant cost savings whilst providing a superior service for Internet access.

For more information about our Public Access Internet Solutions and how you can deliver internet services whilst saving money please visit our product page or contact Neil Johnson on 0844 335 6350.