14/06/2010 - June 2010 Newsletter


Welcome to our June newsletter.

It’s been a month since our last newsletter, and at that time I was in Cyprus. Today, whilst  drafting this newsletter, I’m in Glasgow at the CILIPs conference in the Mitchell library; it’s raining, the conference delegates are in their sessions and the exhibitors are all making good use of their time.

Conferences are great, although at times it’s a bit like waiting for a bus!
One minute there’s no one about, then suddenly we are overcome with delegates switching between sessions, grabbing refreshments and talking to the exhibitors.

Participating in back-to-back exhibitions on consecutive weeks, first in Glasgow and then in London isn’t ideal and it takes some planning and preparation. This week it’s CILIPs and next week, by the time this newsletter goes out, it’s SmartGov Live 2010 at ExCeL, Docklands.


SmartGov live 

This is the first time we have exhibited at SmartGov live and we will be hoping to talk to corporate IT staff about how they are delivering public internet access in areas outside libraries. We are already working with councils to deliver internet access in museums, a range of different centres and across multiple departments and we've seen an increasing number of enquiries from Corporate IT departments.

We believe that our iCAM Public Access Internet Solutions is an easy and cost effective way of extending IT services whilst providing secure and managed access to the Internet.

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 East LothianPeoples' Network restructure at East Lothian

“Insight Media’s solution has enabled us to completely restructure our Peoples' Network, saving approximately £30,000 a year whilst expanding the service to include the WiFi hotspots.”

Over the last few months East Lothian Council have implemented significant changes to their Peoples' Network to further enhance the library service.
This work has included changes to the underlying public network which has been migrated from its existing telecoms provision onto an ADSL system, with aspects of the service now being delivered as a managed service through Insight Media.

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It's refreshment break time now at the Mitchell Library and the conference delegates have returned once more to the Main Hall where all the exhibitors are waiting to catch their eye.......

Best wishes

Neil Johnson
Managing Director