18/06/2012 - Enfield Council rollout Wireless Hotspots in five more libraries


Within a couple of months of installing Enfield’s Hotspots in the first three sites the library service decided to extend the solution in five more libraries.

Enfield Council

“With the growth of hand held and portable devices, offering Wi-Fi in libraries is vital to developing new user groups and ensuring libraries remain relevant in local communities. Insight Media are able to offer key requirements such as integration with the Library Management System, a range of statistical data and a flexible approach to set up and configuration. Insight Media also offer a proactive approach to technical support and system management that gives us a degree of confidence. Users and staff are very happy with speed and stability and we’re looking forward to the further roll out“

Madeline Barratt, Libraries & Museum Service Business Manager, Enfield Council

Enfield Council has 17 Libraries and offers a comprehensive range of services including books, DVDs, CDs, E-audio, E-books, online resources and public internet access. They provide services to help those with special needs by offering large print books, audio books, Braille resources, accessibility computers and a home library delivery service. As a member of the London Libraries Consortium (LLC) they can also offers members access to books from over 165 libraries across London.

Enfield already provided wireless internet access in some of their branches and with growing public demand the objective was to make this service more widely available in more libraries. In view of this the library service undertook a review of their existing wireless implementations and evaluated this against Insight Media’s iCAM wireless solution. The outcome was that the iCAM Wireless Access Control system proved to be the most appropriate solution to take their wireless strategy forward.

The Wi-Fi solution implemented for Enfield is hosted and runs from Insight Media’s data centre completely independently of the existing council network and utilises independent ADSL lines. This comprehensive solution includes the required wireless access points along with all the appropriate hardware components and is delivered as a managed service with both customer and end user support.

The user interface reflects Enfield Libraries branding and the system is easy to use. Configuration allows flexible managed access within designated opening hours at each site and provides maximum control on session restrictions. This type of solution also offers enhanced content filtering which is configurable to match each authority’s requirements.

There is also a web based administration interface which gives additional information for library staff and allows effective monitoring and easy control of wireless access together with facilitating guest users, audit details and management information.  

If you would like more information or interested in a demonstration of the software then please contact us on:

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