24/06/2013 - Insight Media Internet Limited – Kiosk Integration

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Insight Media are in progressive discussions with major suppliers of RFID self-service equipment, namely 3M, 2CQR and D-Tech with a view to developing an open approach towards greater integration options which will provide libraries with an enriched multi-functional kiosk offering.

The evolution of RFID technology in libraries has seen the development and adoption of industry standards like ISO 28560-2 and the UK data model. These standards are designed to make the operational aspects of using RFID technology and functionality easier and to enable increased compatibility across different library systems, equipment and RFID tags.

Insight Media working in conjunction with 3M, 2CQR and D-Tech share the view that a collaborative approach towards kiosk and software integration will be of significant benefit to libraries.

In this economic climate, as libraries continue to assess the services they provide and strive to achieve efficiencies and cost savings, self-service is still a key area which helps to achieve these objectives.


Multi-Functional Kiosks & Integration

Many kiosks now offer a wide range of self-service applications, such as self-issue, returns, renewals, and payment of fines and other fees. Insight Media’s objective is to offer customers more from their investment in hardware by increasing the functionality of existing kiosks. The facilities available from Insight Media include paying for printing, checking Public computer availability and making advanced bookings.

Insight Media has been keen to develop greater integration with all the major RFID kiosk suppliers. An open approach to integration of any kiosk application software on third party kiosks will offer libraries freedom of choice, just like RFID and communication standards in providing improved interoperability. Libraries should be able to integrate software applications that they are currently using into their multi-function kiosks. 

Insight Media’s open approach means that the iCAM kiosk applications are not restricted to a single RFID kiosk supplier’s hardware.  This open view is also shared by 3M, 2CQR, D-Tech as this potentially offers greater integration and flexibility with other kiosk applications.   

Having the option to choose any style of kiosk and the applications that run on them offers the libraries an integrated product with additional functionality and provides the freedom to implement the right solutions to meet the library services requirements.  This we believe provides our customers with greater benefits, flexibility and choice. 


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