28/05/2014 - Public Wireless demand sees iCAM Wi-Fi on the Up and Up!

Insight Media Internet Limited is the leading library technology partner in the UK for the provision of PC Bookings, Print Management and Wireless solutions for libraries, leisure centres and other council buildings throughout the UK.

Our well established and reliable iCAM Wireless Access Control provides a solution to suit the needs of hotspot users in public establishments. It can be deployed to utilise an existing broadband connection or implemented independently of an existing network infrastructure.

The software has been designed to allow Wi-Fi Internet access for a variety of user categories including known users (members) and guests, and includes the facility to provide and manage online registration and optionally charging for time when appropriate. The solutions will also integrate with the majority of Library Management Systems and a variety of propriety databases for user validation.

iCAM Wireless Access Control can be implemented as an integrated system, our standard package can utilise an existing infrastructure and telecommunication provision or can be implemented completely independently to your network as an Insight Media hosted service. Both our options are supplied on a basic 12 month contract. 

The Hosted service runs from Insight Media’s data centre in Sale, Cheshire. It is provided as a simple plug and play system that can be installed using an independent ADSL connection, which can either be provided by the customer or Insight Media can recommend an appropriate provider. The Hosted solution can be provided with a web filtering system (Websense) and can provide validation with your Library Management System (LMS) or other database service across the Internet. A site survey is carried out by Insight engineers, and relevant components are preconfigured and delivered to the customer’s sites prior to the installation and training.

This is what our customers say –


East Lothian Logo

Alan Cruickshank, IT Services Manager at the Council said “Insight Media’s solution has enabled us to completely restructure our People’s Network, saving approximately £30,000 a year whilst expanding the service to include the Wi-Fi hotspots. Insight Media have been an excellent partner to work with, consistently meeting the challenging targets set on this project whilst maintaining a customer friendly focus which has ensured minimal disruption to the libraries and the public.”

Enfield Council Logo

Enfield Libraries implemented a hosted Wi-Fi solution running from Insight Media’s Datacentre completely independently of the existing council network and lines. This comprehensive solution is delivered as a managed service with both customer and end user support. Within a couple of months of installing Enfield’s Hotspots in the first three sites the library service decided to implement the same solution in five more libraries.

Madeline Barratt, Libraries & Museum Service Business Manager, Enfield Council said 

“With the growth of hand held and portable devices, offering Wi-Fi in libraries is vital to developing new user groups and ensuring libraries remain relevant in local communities. Insight Media are able to offer key requirements such as integration with the Library Management System, a range of statistical data and a flexible approach to set up and configuration. Insight Media also offer a proactive approach to technical support and system management that gives us a degree of confidence. Users and staff are very happy with speed and stability and we’re looking forward to the further roll out.” 


Falkirk Council Logo

Falkirk Council (Now Falkirk Community Trust)

“Working with Insight, a known and trusted supplier, meant that this complex project could be completed within the very short timescale whilst making best use of the funding, and we all stayed sane too! “

Gil Vick, Principal Librarian, Falkirk Council


Bedfordshire Council Logo


“I was impressed by the way that Insight Media managed the project and worked with us and with our corporate network team to enable the rollout of the service on time and on budget.“

Andy Baker, Library Resources Manager, Bedfordshire County Council


East Renfrewshire Council

East Renfrewshire Libraries were one such customer who implemented iCAM Workstation Control, our booking and access management solution which utilises the libraries public network and our Datacentre.

Scott Simpson, Systems Manager at East Renfrewshire said “Insight Media’s hosted solution has removed the overhead for us of managing a dedicated server while at the same time meeting the demands of our corporate IT dept. We have been able to maintain the same level of application administration and control without having to worry about server hardware, patches and upgrades. The same hosted database is also used for our public WiFi provision and management”


Barnet Council Logo


 “The implementation was very smooth and integration with our LMS was surprisingly easy, which was key for us because we are not currently allowing non-members to use the Wi-Fi hotspot.“

 Robin Yeates, e-library System