09/11/2015 - Arts Council England award Wi-Fi Funding

We were pleased to see that 68 local authorities have been successful in their Wi-Fi applications and will receive a total of £2,646,078 from government funding through Arts Council England to implement public wireless access.  This will enable both new installations in libraries who don’t currently have Wi-Fi and also offer upgrades (to an agreed technical standard) in those libraries that already have some Wi-Fi provision. The funding will benefit over 1,000 libraries which will either be providing Wi-Fi for the first time or upgrading current wireless provision with improvements to make it faster and more easily accessible.

Arts Council England has worked with its partners from the Libraries Task Force (including the Society of Chief Librarians and the Local Government Association) to support Local Authorities to meet the tight deadline and submit applications.  Local authorities were able to apply for funding for Wi-Fi in static libraries that they run wholly or in partnership with other bodies. This included organisations that have been commissioned to deliver the whole library service on behalf of local authorities, such as staff-led public service mutuals, community mutuals, Community Interest Companies, trusts and other commissioned organisations.

As a leading supplier of public wireless solutions to libraries we have been working with a number of local authority customers to assist them in their bids for this important wireless funding.  We are pleased to see that many of these authorities have been successful in their applications and we look forward to helping our customers implementing their Wi-Fi projects.

Timescales are tight with all the implementations needing to be completed by March 2016. Insight Media is already planning installation schedules with its customers ensuring a smooth and successful wireless implementation is achieved both on time and in budget.


Sandwell Library and Information Service

On 23 October 2015, Sandwell Library and Information Service was awarded £35,000 by Arts Council England to upgrade its free public-access Wi-Fi system. This will allow us to provide a more efficient service for our customers, including areas of libraries that are not currently able to get a Wi-Fi signal, such as gardens and meeting rooms.

Use of Wi-Fi in libraries has been increasing rapidly, and we have already seen a 200% increase in the number of sessions so far in 2015/16 compared to 2014/15. This will strengthen our public service even further.

Organisations wanting to know more about our Wireless Access Control solutions or the other services we provide are welcome to contact us.

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