Hosted Services – More and More Take Up

Insight Media offers hosting facilities for its iCAM PC Bookings and Wireless solutions and we are seeing this type of flexible model becoming the preferred option with many of our public library authority customers.

Outsourcing various areas of IT is nothing new and local authorities have been doing this for years. However, we are seeing an increased trend for this approach from within our customer base and around 20% of our customers have opted for Insight Media’s hosted service. We are scheduled to provide hosted solutions for at least 4 customers within the next few months with a number of other customers exploring and considering this service.

Customer Key Drivers for Hosted Services

Some of the key considerations in any decisions around outsourcing are typically costs, efficiencies, IT resources and IT knowledge. Reduced costs are obviously the biggest attraction to outsourcing as this provides the ability to potentially save money and reduce your IT costs.

Several of our customers said that the reasons for moving to Insight Media’s hosted service were not just cost related. Working with an existing technology partner with experience and understanding of Libraries and the importance of People's Network services were key considerations in selecting a hosted service. Having a track record of stable and robust products and outstanding customer support were also contributing factors.

The transition of conventional libraries to Library Trusts has also in some cases impacted substantially on their IT infrastructure. Some of these trusts have moved away from council managed networks and services and have established completely independent separate libraries networks and server environments. Exploring viable externally hosted services were important elements of this service transformation.

Insight Media expect a significant increase in the number of customers who will move towards having hosted services and we believe this will be a growth area over the coming few years. In view of this we see hosted services as a key aspect and consideration of our product developments.

We believe this service model clearly demonstrates many benefits and effective good use of technology in supporting both council’s IT and Libraries strategic objectives.

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