28/09/17 - iCAM - Wireless / Cloud Print Management

Coventry Libraries have initially selected one library in the centre of Coventry to evaluate and assess this new Cloud based printing service. At this stage staff are taking payment and releasing the Cloud print jobs on behalf of public users but this will eventually be enabled for self-service on their iCAM I-Kiosk. The kiosk is already being used by library members and they are managing self-service printing from PCs in the library.

This Wireless / Cloud Printing solution offers public users the ability to use their own laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices to print their own documents in any library with a published Cloud Printer linked to the iCAM print solution.

In fact users can print from anywhere across the internet and collect their documents from any of the libraries Cloud Printers. This means you could be at home, on a bus or train and submit your print request to the library of your choice for collection when you are ready. 

Wireless / Cloud printing is an extension of the iCAM Printer Control solution used by around 80 public library authorities throughout the UK. Cloud print jobs simply appear in the library iCAM print queue and are only printed when requested and paid for by the user.

Unique Print Management Options

iCAM Printer Control offers users the flexibility of document manipulation before finally printing any pages. This can be done by a member of staff or by the public (if self-service is available). This includes: Changing the default grey scale printer to colour or A3. Altering the number of copies and even selecting or deselected specific pages. These are key features as far as our customers are concerned as they enable public user’s to only print appropriate pages and more importantly they are only paying for what they need.

Dave Lloyd - Service Development Manager, Coventry Libraries and Information Service said.

“Coventry Libraries wanted to provide a new printing service which offered public customers using their own devices the ability to print from the library. Also being able to print from anywhere over the internet and collect their printouts from the library was an additional benefit and extension of the current services we provide. Being able to also provide additional self-service options using a kiosk to manage payments and printing whilst reducing staff involvement in this process was also a key consideration.

Implementing Insight Media’s solution for Wireless / Cloud printing has been very smooth and the early signs are proving positive as we are seeing an increasing take-up of this new printing service. We will monitor this during the coming months to assess the public demand for printing and this will help us to consider the potential for expanding this service to our other libraries in the future”.


For further information please contact Insight Media info@insight-media.co.uk