Wireless Cloud Print

Wireless Cloud Print

The iCAM WiFi Print Management solution allows library visitors to send their printouts and documents to their local library from anywhere (on the internet) or whilst in the library.  This allows the printing of web pages, web-based email and a range of document formats for all the main operating systems. 

Whilst in the library, the public user’s device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) quickly discovers the library’s published printers and, using driverless printing, can send documents without the need to install a printer driver or make any configuration changes to their devices.  This allows the service to provide a quick and easy to use print service for everyone, including less experienced technology users.

The iCAM print solution allows the user’s document to be manipulated if required, including changing from grey scale print to colour and altering the number of copies / pages. Therefore, users only need to pay for and receive the pages they actually require, regardless of what was initially selected and sent for printing.


Key Features

  • Public users can print from their own devices when in the library
  • Public users can print from anywhere over the internet to their library of choice
  • Supports printing from Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS devices
  • Provides quick and easy driverless printing for all public users


  • Utilises existing printer hardware
  • Provides enhanced services for library users and the local community
  • Encourages more visits and usage within your libraries
  • Maximises on the investments in existing printers
  • Generates a new income stream for public printing