COVID-safe Library Appointments

With library services curtailed due to COVID-19, staff are having to find new ways to continue to serve their communities and keep people connected. We have seen the introduction of innovative ‘click and collect’ and home library services as well as limited opening for browsing and the use of PCs.

Implemented to deal with an unprecedented situation, many libraries are struggling to manage these amended services in an efficient manner, and we have seen staff using paper-based systems for tracking library appointments, social distancing monitoring, and track and trace requirements.

In response to these challenges, Insight Media has developed a new Internet Booking Module for the management of different types of appointments within the library system. This might include click and collect, browsing, or PC bookings, but is configurable to suit each individual library.

Public users can log into the system from home, using their membership details, and book appointments in 30, 60 or 120 minute slots. Library staff can monitor attendees, no-shows, numbers of visitors inside the library, and fulfil all track and trace obligations, in an easy to use on-line interface.

Features and benefits