Workstation Control For Local Government

Workstation Control

iCAM Workstation Control has been developed to provide management, monitoring and reporting of public access computers. The solution is used in a range of local government departments where public computer access is required.

With a growing demand for more computers, increased internet access for the public, and access for employees that need mobile working facilities, especially in rural areas, the load on your network services increases. Extending existing networks to accommodate additional public computers and internet access in remote locations can be costly. As well as telecommunications and connectivity to consider, there are additional hardware, software and centralised infrastructure costs as well.

iCAM Workstation Control is an easy and cost effective way of extending your IT services whilst providing secure and managed access to the internet. This solution allows remote sites to be controlled and managed completely independently of existing networks, utilising modern, cheaper WAN technologies like ADSL, 3G and broadband satellite links.

The solution allows for the provision of self service access to publicly accessible PCs, either as anonymous guests or registered users. Access can be based around your standard opening times and configurable session durations.

The client interface has been designed to assist the end user and can be configured to provide a working environment specific to each different type of user. The desktop can be locked down and a customisable screensaver can be used to promote local services and resources.

Users can terminate their session at any time and can clearly see how much of their allocated time they have remaining.

Staff can use a web interface to monitor who is on the computer at any time and view a full audit trail of computer usage.


Key Features

  • Detailed management and auditing information.
  • Customisable public interface with different desktops for mobile workers, registered users and anonymous visitors.
  • Self service access.
  • Compatible with ADSL, 3G and broadband technologies.
  • Configurable Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • Customisable screensaver to promote events and services.
  • Web interface allows staff to remain in control.


  • Manage and control access to PCs in remote locations.
  • Self service functionality allows iCAM to fully manage public access with no staff intervention.
  • Better understand usage and demand of publicly accessible workstations.