Wireless Access Control For Education

Wireless Access Control

iCAM Wireless Access Control is a Wi-Fi Hotspot solution that allows you to provide broadband wireless access for your students and guests. The solution can be easily deployed using existing broadband connections or can be implemented completely independently of your current network infrastructure.

The solution has been designed to allow Wi-Fi internet access for a variety of user categories including students and guests and includes the facility to provide and manage online registration.

Wi-Fi hotspots are not just available for your students and visitors to use, they can also be used as a work aid for your own staff. Anyone on site could use their laptop to connect to the internet, browse for information, collect and send email and access intranet services.


Key Features

  • User validation using LDAP or ODBC link to existing enrolment/student database.
  • Optional online registration and guest access.
  • Branded hotspot landing page for logging in.
  • Web interface for staff to monitor hotspot usage and terminate sessions.
  • Web filtering.
  • Detailed audit trail and hotspot usage reporting.
  • Location awareness helps highlight popular spots for laptop users. 
  • Integrated with, or independent from, your network infrastructure.
  • Secure configuration and filtering options.


  • Enhance the student experience and provide greater flexibility.
  • Provide easily managed wireless access for visitors and guests.