Wireless Access Control for Local Government

Wireless Access Control

iCAM Wireless Access Control is a Wi-Fi Hotspot solution that allows you to provide broadband wireless access for your visitors and guests. The solution can be easily deployed using existing broadband connections or can be implemented completely independently of your current network infrastructure.

With a growing demand for wireless internet access for the public in local government environments and access for employees that need mobile working facilities, especially in rural areas, the load on your network services will continually increase. Extending existing networks to accommodate wireless access in remote locations can be costly. As well as telecommunications and connectivity to consider, there are additional hardware, software and centralised infrastructure costs as well.

iCAM Wireless Access Control is is an easy and cost effective way of extending your IT services whilst providing secure and managed access to the internet. This solution allows remote sites to be controlled and managed completely independently of existing networks, utilising modern, cheaper WAN technologies like ADSL, 3G and broadband satellite links.

Any visitor to your site can use their own laptop to connect to the internet, browse for information, collect and send email, and, with authorisation, access intranet services all using a secure and managed connection.

Providing Wi-Fi hotspots will improve services for the public, increase visitors to your sites and become a tool to facilitate remote working for all the staff in your organisation. The solution can provide authenticated and self-service access either as anonymous guests or registered users. Guests can be offered an online registration form to allow them to sign up, with an option to display further instructions or promotional information.

To ensure that internet browsing by your public and staff is always safe, and that vulnerable customers are fully protected, the solution can be deployed with a configurable filtering solution. This will restrict access to specified websites and filter access to inappropriate sites to ensure full protection and peace of mind.



Key Features

  • Online registration by staff or guests.
  • Branded hotspot landing page for logging in.
  • Web interface for staff to monitor hotspot usage and terminate sessions.
  • Web filtering.
  • Detailed audit trail and hotspot usage reporting.
  • Location awareness helps highlight popular spots for laptop users. 
  • Integrated with, or independent from, your network infrastructure.
  • Secure configuration and filtering options.
  • Can be implemented using 3G and mobile satellite connections to allow for hotspot provision in non-traditional locations, such as mobile internet vehicles.


  • Deliver wireless access easily and securely in remote locations.
  • Increase visitors to your sites by extending the services you offer.
  • Support mobile working for staff.
  • Easy to implement and support.