Wireless Access Control for Private Sector

Wireless Access Control

iCAM Wireless Access Control is a Wi-Fi Hotspot solution that allows you to provide broadband wireless access for visitors and staff. The solution can be easily deployed using existing broadband connections or can be implemented completely independently of your current network infrastructure.

Developed initially for our existing customer base in Local Government, the solution has evolved over the last few years to meet the requirements of a variety of environments. The solution can be deployed in a single stand-alone site or across multiple locations around the world. A cost effective solution to allow you to provide your own branded, corporate hotspot to suit any location.


Key Features

  • Real-time integration with existing member databases.
  • Optional online registration and guest access.
  • Branded hotspot landing page for logging in.
  • Web interface for staff to monitor hotspot usage and terminate sessions.
  • Web filtering.
  • Detailed audit trail and hotspot usage reporting.
  • Location awareness helps highlight popular spots for laptop users. 
  • Integrated with, or independent from, your network infrastructure.
  • Secure configuration and filtering options.
  • Can be implemented using 3G and mobile satellite connections to allow for hotspot provision in non-traditional locations, such as mobile internet vehicles.


  • Use the hotspot for promotions.
  • Raise the profile of your business.
  • Enhance the services you offer.