Wi-Fi Roadshow - How it went

Chester Roadshow

The Wi-Fi road show was a huge success with over 48 separate authorities and 78 delegates registering to attend the seminars. We provided a detailed overview of our Public Libraries Wireless Hotspots market research including feedback from the library authorities who have already embarked on wireless project implementations. The delegates were then provided with some useful guidelines on how best to proceed with the task of providing a wireless hotspot in their libraries and some of the key points they should consider.

The day ended with a demonstration of our own wireless hotspot solution and a Question and Answers session.

On the whole, those that participated were very positive about the seminars.  Even those who had already started to plan for an implementation found the event beneficial; "Although we are some way on the journey - it was extremely useful to hear the feedback from other libraries who are on the same "trip"."