Falkirk Libraries Go Wi-Fi

Falkirk's libraries will take another technological leap forward soon with wireless Internet access using iCAM Wireless Access Control in their seven libraries.

The new facilities will allow members to take their own laptop computers into local libraries to use the Internet for education, research or e-mail. Falkirk Council will offer free Internet access in all its seven libraries.  By allowing library members to use their own laptops, the Wi-Fi connection will free up more of their fixed public computer stations. It will also benefit people on the move, who will be able to drop into a Falkirk Council library to access their bases or offices, producing a virtual desk for them.

Falkirk Council has won a £27,000 Public Library Quality Improvement grant to install secure wireless Internet connections in all its libraries. The Council's Wi-Fi bid was one of only eight successful locally-based bids chosen by the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Library and Information Council. For more information please read Falkirk's own press release here or BBC Article here.

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