iCAM Self Service Printing Module

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new iCAM i-Kiosk on the 6th November 2007.  The combined hardware and software solution has been developed to provide our customers with self service printing and payment but also provides additional functionality for management of your public computers.

Our first i-Kiosk application, iCAM Print Release Station allows users to review and manage their own print jobs, pay for the printing and release the documents to the printer. 

Managing the payment and printing of documents for the public is a time consuming, resource hungry process.  The iCAM i-Kiosk allows you to give your users greater control and responsibility, streamlining the printing process to free up valuable staff time.

The i-Kiosk also includes the i-Kiosk Booking Station software which allows users to reserve computers and manage their own computer bookings. The i-Kiosk Availability Station software provides additional functionality allowing users to view site availability and gain quick access to available computers.  These additional applications provide enhanced functionality in the branch, again reducing staff involvement in the management of public computers.

For more information, please see our product page.