Wireless Internet access in Falkirk Council Libraries

On Tuesday 22nd January Falkirk Council Library Services will launch a wireless public Internet access service in all libraries.

This innovation has been made possible following a successful bid for funding from the Public Library Quality Improvement Fund which is administered by the Scottish Library and Information Council using a Scottish Government grant.  Falkirk was one of only 9 local authorities to secure money from this source.

Members of the public can now use their own laptops and hand-held devices to access broadband Internet connections in any of the libraries.  Grangemouth Library has been connected for some weeks (acting as a pilot) and we have recorded use from within the library and from outside when the library is closed.  The system increases the capacity of our public access service almost indefinitely.

It is free to join the library and members of the public can use this service whenever they wish without charge for access to the Internet..

Library Services is grateful to have received this funding which has enabled installation of this valuable addition to the service we provide.

Due to the high profile nature of the project, the BBC has covered the new service in an online article, which can be found here.

“Working with Insight, a known and trusted supplier, meant that this complex project could be completed within the very short timescale whilst making best use of the funding, and we all stayed sane too!”

Gil Vick, Principal Librarian, Falkirk Council