Gwynedd Library Service choose iCAM Hosted Wireless Access Control

Caernarfon Library is one of Gwynedd’s busiest libraries.  The library was refurbished earlier in 2008 and wireless access was added for library visitors in December.

The Library service selected Insight Media hosted solution using an telecoms connection independent from their existing network as the most appropriate technology to suit their needs.  The solution allows library members to be registered as hotspot users who then use there library number to login and access the internet.

“We are delighted with the hosted Wi-Fi access system supplied by iCAM. It’s very user-friendly; so much so that users needn’t have to seek the advice of library staff. Registering is a simple menu-driven process.

From a library manager’s perspective, access to a comprehensive range of usage statistics is simplicity itself. Added to that is Insight Media’s excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.

All in all, a quality product.”

Alun Williams

Information Services Manager

Gwynedd Library Service

Gwynedd Council