Wi-Fi Briefing Seminars 2009

The 2009 Wi-Fi road show was a huge success with over 60 organisations and 100 delegates registering to attend the seminars.

The seminars provided a detailed overview of the Public Libraries Wireless Hotspot market based on research carried our earlier in the year which included feedback from library authorities who have already embarked on wireless implementations.

Delegates were also provided with a demonstration of our own wireless hotspot solution and the morning concluded with a Question and Answers session.

Participants were very positive about the seminars with everyone who attended both the morning sessions rating the event as good and over 60% rating the event as excellent. Even those who had already implemented wireless in their libraries found the event beneficial.

Delegate feedback included;

“Very useful and timely”,

“Very interesting and potentially useful morning”

“Relevant topics all well covered”

“Very informative, made me think about other aspects of implementing WiFi”