Hosting Services

Managed Services

The Insight Media Data Centre network infrastructure provides us with the capacity to host the server side components of our iCAM products and an increased number of customer’s are taking advantage of this. Deploying iCAM solutions in this way helps reduce the pressure on your existing IT department by allowing Insight Media staff to take responsibility for hardware configuration, software updates, system upgrades and component failures. Moreover, by utilising the existing hardware at Insight Media you can eliminate the need to upgrade or purchase new infrastructure equipment.


Our hosted services solution has been designed with the appreciation that the requirements and infrastructure of each environment are often different. It is for this reason that our hosted solution offers sufficient flexibility to cater for the needs of most organisations.

No Loss of Functionality

Key to the success of our hosted solution is the ability to delegate responsibility for server components to Insight Media without any loss of core iCAM functionality or staff control. iCAM systems can still be implemented with the same level of integration with your existing servers allowing the same degree of Library Management System or enrolment database integration as with an internally managed implementation.


Key Features

  • Reduce load on existing network and server hardware.
  • Offload responsibility for hardware failures and system upgrades to Insight Media.
  • Avoid the expense of additional network and server hardware.
  • No loss of core iCAM functionality.