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Insight Media is a Nominet Registrar and authorised to register, renew and manage domain names on behalf of our customers. The processes and procedures in place for these services are in line with the current Nominet Registrar contract.


Enquiries for domain registration, renewals, accounts and administration should in the first instance be sent to We will respond to all correspondence within five working days. 



We will investigate availability of additional domains for registration for our existing customers. Domain registration is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Confirmation of availability and costs for registration will be provided before registration is made. Domain registrations will be for a period of 24 months.


Renewal of services

We will notify customers by email at least 30 days prior to when a service renewal is due and confirm the associated fees for renewal. Domain renewal will be for a period of 24 months. Should renewal not be confirmed or acknowledged then the service will lapse. We will endeavor to gain confirmation that the service is no longer required before allowing the service or any associated domain registration to lapse.  


Domain name expiry

If the Service expires we will allow any associated domain registration to lapse.



The service may be terminated at any time. Any outstanding invoices issued will remain and become due. There are no termination charges or refunds applicable on termination.


Domain transfer

We will arrange the release and assist with the transfer of domains we manage for existing customers free of charge. 



We will always conduct business in a timely and appropriate manner and endeavour to meet customers’ time scales. We will at all times work within the timescales and terms and conditions of the Nominet registrars’ agreement and its associated terms and conditions and service levels.



Customer complaints can be raised initially by email to or by telephone to the accounts department. Complaints remaining unresolved after 10 working days will automatically be escalated to a director. Nominet have a process in place for dealing with registrar customers who are dissatisfied with a complaint and information on how this works will be provided to any customer when a complaint is escalated.


Abuse complaints

Abuse complaints should be raised by email to


Terms and Conditions

Nominet terms and conditions are available here.

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