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In addition to iCAM products, we also provide a range of support services to help customers manage their public internet access:

  • Hosting services – by hosting the server-side components of our iCAM products in-house, we can reduce pressures on existing IT departments by taking responsibility for all hardware, configuration, software updates, system upgrades and component failures. 

  • Public PC refresh – we can assist with preparation, configuration and deployment of new Peoples Network public and staff computers. Depending on individual requirements, we can update iCAM applications, build multiple new images with the latest software versions, and manage hardware replacements and onsite rollout schedules. 

  • Peoples Network services – we can work with customers to review and improve their existing PN Network with a new PN environment. This service can include PC updates, hosting options, Deep Freeze hosting and management, filtering, critical anti-virus updates and enhanced support.


Talk to us to find out more.

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