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More convenient services for customers of Bedford Borough Council Libraries

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Bedford Borough Council Libraries (BBCL) wanted to introduce a robust and reliable self-service computer service for customers to use in both staffed and unstaffed hours, enabling high availability and a more flexible and convenient service for public users.

Having undertaken a library service assessment as part of a service review, BBCL introduced an upgraded network infrastructure, Insight Media’s PN PC refresh and maintenance services together with system management and hosting. This and their implementation of LibraryPlus, offers extended library opening times and with the aid of improved technology provides self-service and secure door access to library buildings.

BBCL believes the key to achieving the successful outcomes of this ambitious initiative was the expertise and support provided by Insight Media, alongside the collaborative working between Insight Media, BBCL and the council IT department.

Bedford Borough Council Libraries and Insight Media

Insight Media was already providing iCAM PC Bookings and Print Solutions to BBCL and worked closely with BBCL to provide a more cost effective and efficient model for the provision of Peoples Network services


Andy Baker, Libraries Hub Manager at Bedford Borough Council, and Esther Gregory, Virtual Library Manager, wanted to improve library services by introducing a more manageable and sustainable solution for their public PC offering and environment.


This project included the following range of services:

Hosted services for central system components from Insight Media’s datacentre:

  • SQL Server for iCAM Central database

  • Web Server for iCAM Internet Booking Module

  • Datacentre VPN connection to Bedford Borough Council Libraries network

Peoples Network PC Management Service: :

  • PN image build and fine tuning

  • PC preparation and final build

  • PC implementation and rollout service

  • PC maintenance and replacement package

  • PC support: AV and critical updates

  • Self-Service Kiosk offering print release and payments

  • Public Wi-Fi Provision – wireless connectivity across all libraries

  • Cloud / Wireless Printing - from users’ own devices via the internet


Andy Baker said “Having a partner supplier and good relationship with Insight Media who we have worked with for many years, helped us to create the right service model and deliver solutions that helped our library services and also offered reliable systems and sustainability.”

Neil Johnson from Insight Media said “Working with Bedford Borough Libraries to provide the right solutions is at the forefront of the services we provide. Several of our library customers are now using a similar model to provide improved and more manageable services.”

The libraries are providing a convenient modern local service where users can meet with family and friends, browse stock, borrow books, use a PC, access free Wi-Fi and print from PCs or their own devices.

Insight Media is delighted to have worked with BBCL and the council’s IT department to deliver this finely tuned solution. The model should ensure that Bedford Borough Council Libraries provide a continually updated and wide range of services in a relaxed yet exciting and vibrant environment that makes life easier for both public and staff users.

For more information about Bedford Borough Council Libraries visit: or sign up to the libraries email bulletin at


Download PDF Case Study

Bedford Case Study
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