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Library visitors are increasingly demanding the ability to print direct from their own devices rather than having to rely on using a library PC.


iCAM Wireless Cloud Print gives library users seamless, easy to use Wi-Fi printing, with the flexibility to print whilst in the library building or print from home and collect prints later from a local library.


There are no requirements for separate log-ins, codes or vouchers for collecting print.


Compatible with Android, Apple and Windows phones, tablets and laptops, the solution allows printing of a range of document formats, web pages, and web-based email.

iCAM Wireless Cloud Print also supports scanning and copying of documents using the ‘Tap to Scan’ function on an Android device or the ‘Scan’ option in Notes on Apple devices. Once the document has been scanned and saved it can then be sent to print via Wireless Cloud Print.

As an added benefit, our public-facing website promotes all sites with iCAM Wireless Cloud Print installed and offers a search function for members of the public looking to print their documents at a library from their own device.

Talk to us to find out more.

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