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Wi-Fi printing at North Ayrshire Libraries

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

North Ayrshire Libraries had been a customer of Insight Media since 2007 and, following a procurement process in February 2022, we were successful in retaining the business. We were delighted to carry on working with North Ayrshire Libraries and to further improve their PC booking and print facilities.

iCAM Wireless Cloud Print

As part of the tendering process, the library service purchased iCAM Wireless Cloud Print in order to offer a Wi-Fi printing solution to their library members and visitors, supporting the ‘North Ayrshire is digitally connected’ wider council strategy.

The solution has been implemented in 14 library sites and is working well, with positive feedback from both staff and users:

“Now that my local library offers Wi-Fi printing, I no longer need my home printer, this will save me money as I won’t need to replace the ink cartridges.”

“Wi-Fi printing at my local library is so convenient, I can easily print off a returns label and then pop across to the post office with the parcel.”

“I always forget the password for my email account, this is no longer an issue for me as I don’t need to log into my email account on a library computer, now I can print straight from my phone. Great when you are in a hurry.”

“This is a great service, it’s easy to use and very handy for me as I don’t have a printer at home.”



PrintMyDocuments website

The libraries also benefit from being included on the website where Wireless Cloud Print libraries are all searchable so that the public can find a library close to them offering Wi-Fi printing.

Library app link

To further enhance the user experience, North Ayrshire Libraries have added a Wireless Cloud Print link to their library app, making it even simpler for library members to access printing from their own device.


Download PDF Case Study

North Ayrshire WCP Case Study
Download PDF • 446KB

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