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Libraries Unlimited rolls out iCAM Wireless Cloud Print to 52 sites

Updated: Jul 3

Libraries Unlimited runs the public library services for both Devon County Council and Torbay Council, which includes a total of 54 libraries. The library service in Devon had been using iCAM Workstation Control and Printer Control across their sites for over twenty years to manage their PC bookings and print payment and release but, as with many of our customers, they found that more and more library visitors were wanting the ability to print from their own devices.

iCAM Wireless Cloud Print

iCAM Wireless Cloud Print integrates seamlessly with Printer Control to enable printing from Android, Apple and Windows phones, tablets and laptops.

Rather than having to log on to a library PC to print their document, a user can simply print direct from their own device, with no separate log-ins, codes or vouchers for collecting prints. Staff manage the Wi-Fi printing in exactly the same way as existing printing from the staff iCAM Administration machine.

The simplicity of the solution, plus the integration with the existing iCAM print solution, appealed to Libraries Unlimited and, following a trial at two sites, they purchased Wireless Cloud Print for 52 sites.

Work began in December 2022 and by March 2023 all sites were up and running. Library members can now log on to the library’s public Wi-Fi, select the document they wish to print on their device, select the library printer and send the document direct to print on one of the library’s printers. The print is then paid for and released in the library.

Alternatively, library members can log in to the print upload page from home (or anywhere else!), upload their document, send it to print at their chosen library, and collect later. In some locations library members can pay for and release their printouts from the public computers via the self-service kiosk rather than queuing at the customer service desk for a staff member. To further improve the print service, Libraries Unlimited will be extending this later this year so members can also pay for and release their own documents sent using the wireless print solution.

Dan Bunce, IT and Digital Manager, Libraries Unlimited said:

“This was a service that was specifically asked for by our customers, and we’re pleased to be able to introduce it around our 54 libraries. We’ve trialled it in two libraries and it’s proved very popular. We hope this will help communities in these financially challenging times. There’s no need to spend money on having a home printer that is hardly ever used. For as little as 10p a sheet people can get their printing done in the most easy and convenient way. It’s very easy to use and we can even produce larger A3 size prints.”

Eleanor Moss, Service Delivery Manager, South and West Devon and Torbay said:

“We’re really excited to be rolling this out across our libraries – at the request of customers. Our customers can now print from anywhere – from home, in our libraries or on the go. They can login at home using our Cloud printing portal, send to print and collect the same or next day at their nominated library.”


Download PDF Case Study

Libraries Unlimited Case Study
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