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Covid-19 update

This is our current statement regarding Covid-19 and to let you know that it’s business as usual at Insight Media.

Following the government’s latest directives to the public to help stop the spread of Covid-19, we have put appropriate measures in place to allow us to carry on our business as best we can and provide continued support to our customers.

We are following the latest recommendations from the government and World Health Organisation to ensure our business continues to operate, taking into account health and safety as a priority. We are avoiding unnecessary travel and providing options for our employees to work from home where possible. We are also encouraging the use of online meetings for staff and our customers and only scheduling on-site work where it is absolutely critical.

We will in the short term still have some employees in the office, although that may change depending on the latest government advice and guidelines. In all cases there should be someone here at Insight Media available for you to talk to and we would encourage email communication for support matters where possible as it is easier for the people working remotely.

Potential Library Changes to Opening Times or Closures

We know there is a directive to close libraries throughout the UK and, should you need some guidance or help on how to configure this, then please email

We hope you keep safe and that this information helps you during these difficult challenging times.

The health and wellbeing of our customers and our staff is our highest priority and ultimately, your safety, and that of our wider community, is the most important thing.


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