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BIC Brunch – The Library Communication Framework

Updated: May 13, 2021

BIC is holding one of its regular brunch events on 29th April, on the subject of The Library Communication Framework (LCF). We are delighted to be sponsoring the event and our Director, Neil Johnson, will be speaking during the session.

Supporting LCF

The event will bring interested parties together to discuss the origins, benefits, learnings and challenges of LCF, and look at how it can positively affect the library sector.

We are keen supporters of LCF and see many benefits to suppliers, libraries and end users in terms of enhanced service delivery, improved interoperability, enhanced analytics and greater control over charges and payments.

If you would like to register to attend this virtual event, please click on the link below. Tickets are free for both BIC members and non-members.

Please do join us, or watch later on the BIC Youtube channel.

BIC Brunch

The Library Communication Framework

29th April 2021



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