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Middlesbrough Libraries use Arts Council Funding to revamp digital offering

Insight Media is working with Middlesbrough Libraries to implement iCAM Wi-Fi Authentication and iCAM Wireless Cloud Print, initially as a pilot at Middlesbrough Central Library, with the aim of rolling out these services across more libraries in the future.

The Arts Council Libraries Improvement Fund is intended to enable library services to “invest in projects to upgrade buildings and technology so they are better placed to respond to the changing ways people are using them”. Middlesbrough’s successful bid will use the funds to upgrade Wi-Fi access and printing services to improve their digital offer. Library-goers will also be able to use their own devices in the library which will be supported by the new facilities.

Library visitors are increasingly demanding the ability to print direct from their own devices rather than having to rely on using a library PC, and we are seeing more and more libraries enquiring about Wi-Fi printing. The iCAM Wireless Cloud Print solution is simple to install, requires no new hardware, and integrates with iCAM Printer Control software and existing printers or MFDs, as well as existing self-service kiosks if required. Wireless Cloud Print will also integrate with the Hublets at Middlesbrough Central Library, offering a truly seamless printing solution across all devices.

Library Services Project Manager and Digital Lead David Harrington, who led Middlesbrough’s bid to the Arts Council-administered fund, said: “This was a highly competitive process. We put together an exciting bid to completely transform our digital offer which has lacked significant investment for some years. This fantastic grant will not only enable us to combat digital exclusion, but it will also develop a 21st century service for the people of Middlesbrough by improving access to digital services in a modern setting whilst extending the range of digital learning opportunities to everyone.”

Neil Johnson, Director at Insight Media, commented: “We have worked with Middlesbrough Libraries for many years and we were delighted to be able to support them in their Arts Council bid. This pilot and the subsequent roll-out to further sites will enable the library to offer enhanced digital services to all users and reflect the way users are increasingly using libraries.”


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