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Powys Libraries enjoying the benefits of Wi-Fi printing

Powys Libraries was our first Welsh customer to implement iCAM Wireless Cloud Print, installing the solution in all 17 of their library sites.

Visitors to all Powys libraries can now use their own mobile phones, tablets and laptops to print documents to the library printers, a service that was increasingly in demand. Library users value the ability to print direct from their device rather than having to log on to a library PC, with no need for separate log-ins.

Powys Libraries were able to implement the solution thanks to a grant from the Welsh Government’s Local Government Fund for Cultural Services.

Powys Libraries commented: “Our library users can now wirelessly print anything from a boarding pass to a college assignment, and the service has been extremely well-received. And, from a staff point of view, Wi-Fi printing is more efficient than helping customers access their email and cloud storage on the public PCs to send to a printer.”


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