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Wi-Fi printing from iCAM

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As library users are increasingly demanding the ability to print documents from their own device rather than having to log onto a library PC, more and more of our customers are using iCAM Wireless Cloud Print to offer Wi-Fi printing in their libraries.

And they're delighted with the feedback from staff and users about how simple and convenient it is to use:

"Staff and customer feedback has been extremely positive, and my own experience of the implementation process and actual solution itself has been very highly positive … In-branch wireless printing is proving to be reliable and easy to use, for both staff and customers.”

Our innovative solution is cost-effective and simple to install and offers a number of benefits to library staff and visitors:

  • Public users can print from their own devices when in the library, and can also print from anywhere over the internet to their library of choice if you choose to install the upload option

  • Supports printing from Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS devices 

  • Compatible with library’s existing printer hardware – no new printer hardware required

  • Seamlessly compatible with iCAM Printer Control for a complete print management solution

  • Simple and intuitive for public users – no need to install apps 

  • Facilitates payment by cash or card depending on library’s current payment options 

  • Payment is at point of collection – no requirement for pre-payment, or setting up a separate payment account 

  • Works with the library’s existing Wi-Fi solution

  • Minimises waste by eliminating undeclared printouts

We're happy to provide a demo and discuss how iCAM Wireless Cloud Print could work for your libraries.

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