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Wi-Fi printing gets the thumbs up from users

iCAM Wireless Cloud Print is proving popular with library members and visitors and it’s always great to hear feedback from the people who actually use the product:

“Now that my local library offers Wi-Fi printing, I no longer need my home printer, this will save me money as I won’t need to replace the ink cartridges.”

“Wi-Fi printing at my local library is so convenient, I can easily print off a returns label and then pop across to the post office with the parcel.”

“I always forget the password for my email account, this is no longer an issue for me as I don’t need to log into my email account on a library computer, now I can print straight from my phone. Great when you are in a hurry.”

“This is a great service, it’s easy to use and very handy for me as I don’t have a printer at home.”

If you'd like to find out more about how we could help you provide this service for your library users, just get in touch.

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