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Keeping Covid-safe as libraries re-open

We’re pleased to see so many of our customers being able to re-open their libraries and get back to some sense of ‘normality’ after all the turbulence of the past months. Libraries have done a tremendous job continuing to provide a service whilst being unable to open their doors, but we’re sure everyone is relieved to be able to deliver that service in person again.

However, we all know that Covid hasn’t gone away and we still need to take precautions. It is still sensible to wear a mask in public spaces such as libraries and to maintain social distancing, and many libraries are reminding visitors of this. But what other precautions can libraries take to make the space as safe as possible for staff and visitors?

Reducing touch points, encouraging self-service, and allowing pre-booking of equipment to avoid queues can all help keep libraries Covid-safe, and iCAM can assist libraries with this.

iCAM Wireless Cloud Print is our library Wi-Fi printing solution that enables library visitors to print documents direct from their own device over the internet without having to log on to a library PC. Users in the library can easily find the library’s published printers and send documents to print without the need to install a printer driver or make any configuration changes to their device. It’s really simple to use, and reduces touchpoints as the user is printing from their own device and simply collects their print-out when complete.

Self-service in libraries is becoming ever more popular and it’s a great way of reducing queues at the customer service counter where social distancing can become difficult. Our self-service library kiosk software integrates with iCAM Workstation Control, iCAM Printer Control and existing third-party library self-service kiosk hardware to allow the public to manage their own library PC bookings, manage and release print jobs, and make payments via a self-service kiosk. We work with the main UK RFID public library self-service kiosk suppliers (2CQR, Bibliotheca and D-Tech) to provide integration of mutual products.

Enabling visitors to pre-book public access PCs can help reduce queueing in the library and also assist with managing numbers of visitors. The iCAM Workstation Control Internet Booking Module allows the public to make, amend, manage and cancel PC bookings remotely via the internet. This frees up library staff from managing bookings for users but offers the flexibility to monitor and control PC access when required. Library users can manage bookings and reserve a PC in advance and know that they won’t have to wait for an available PC when they arrive at the library.

These are just some of the ways Insight Media is helping libraries manage this ‘new normal’ and we continue to work on developments to our products to offer further enhancements and improved solutions.


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