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PC users can book ahead with the Internet Booking Module

Wouldn’t it be great if library visitors could book a PC from the comfort of their own home and arrive at the library knowing that there would be a PC available for them and no need to queue at the counter to book?

Well, with iCAM Internet Booking Module, they can!

The iCAM Internet Booking Module works alongside iCAM Workstation Control to allow the public to make, amend, manage and cancel PC bookings remotely via the internet, or at the branch whilst using a PC.

This frees up library staff from managing bookings for users but offers the flexibility to monitor and control PC access when required. Library users can manage bookings and reserve a PC in advance and know that they won’t have to wait for an available PC when they arrive at the library.

Here’s what one library service had to say about the solution: “We found that the internet booking system was helpful to our customers, especially during Covid restrictions, as it enabled customers to be sure that they were able to access a machine before making a journey. Now that restrictions are easing and more machines are becoming available we have found that many customers continue to use the IBM to book ahead so that they can get the machine they want, where they want and at a suitable time.”

Read more about iCAM Internet Booking Module.

iCAM Internet Booking Module Product Guide
Download PDF • 210KB



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