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North Ayrshire Libraries move to iCAM Hosted Solution

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Many library authorities are choosing to move to a hosted managed service, supporting corporate strategies for in-house IT to support fewer servers and services.

In line with this trend, we are seeing an increase in the number of our customers moving to our hosted managed service and enjoying the significant benefits and cost savings associated with shared service delivery. By hosting the server-side components of our iCAM products in-house, we can reduce pressures on existing IT departments by taking responsibility for all hardware, configuration, software updates, system upgrades and component failures.

As part of a re-tendering process in February 2022, North Ayrshire Libraries purchased the iCAM hosting solution and are now enjoying the benefits of our flexible, secure service.

Staff report that the service is working well for them and they are enjoying the improved access to the iCAM system, enabling changes and reconfigurations to be made remotely, rather than having to be in the library:

“Changes to the system can be made instantly now that we can do it remotely. A great benefit to staff who are not always based in the library.”


Download PDF Case Study

North Ayrshire Hosting Case Study
Download PDF • 443KB



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